Easy Peel Instant Eggs

My husband is in Las Vegas for a week (work he says), so i'm on my own with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. This morning, everyone decided to get up early and were super HANGRY. Trying to bottle feed a baby while talking a toddler into getting dressed into something weather appropriate is a real feat. I try to encourage her to eat protein for breakfast instead of cereal. I have been debating with a good friend of mine on whether eggs are worth getting the instant pot out or if they should just be boiled. This morning, it solidified in my mind, at least that the Instant Pot is the superior vehicle for an easily peeled, low maintenance egg. 

In the 13 minutes total that I wasn't worrying about the eggs I managed to:
- Feed a 6 month old
- Convince a 3 year old to wear underwear, pants and a shirt that matched and not wear squeaky shoes to school

And then it dinged! 5 minutes later, both the toddler and I were full and we were out the door!

I prefer a little more yolky center which I have found at the 4 minute mark. A firm but not overdone yolk can be yours at 5 minute. If you want a runny center, I would go with 3, but caution you it might be a little more difficult to peel.

Eggs (I comfortably fit 8)
2 cups of water
Container with ice water

Instant Pot (Amazon prime affiliate link)
Steamer insert (Should have come with your Instant Pot)

Place insert in the Instant Pot. Add 2.5 cups of water. Place eggs on the insert. Close the Instant Pot and move lever to "Sealing" which looks like moving to 9 o'clock. Hit "Manual" and move the arrow down to "4". It will take a total of 13 minutes to cook the eggs. As soon as it is done, move valve to "Venting" which looks like moving to 7 o'clock.  Move eggs to ice water bath. Peel

4 minutes on the left, 5 minutes on the right

4 minutes on the left, 5 minutes on the right