If this was the only thing the Instant Pot could make, I would still buy it.

Bone broth, pre-Instant pot consisted of many many hours (I would do 48 hours) of continuous simmer on the stove. Besides the concern of sleeping with an open flame, who wants to wait 48 hours? not me!

Besides being known for restoring gut health, it is DELICIOUS! the concentration of flavor that develops will compel you to replace all standard broths with this one.

It also only has two ingredients. My three year old will drink this from a mug with just a little bit of salt. This is the base recipe to all my soup recipes. The components that change are addition of herbs, vegetables or bones.

Suggested Bones to purchase, always call ahead!:
Chicken - backs or feet. Feet will be challenging in a non-asian store. Call ahead to your grocery store for chicken backs (spine)
Pork - trotters or neck. Both might be challenging. In a pinch you can ask the butcher to cut ribs in 4-5 inch pieces
Beef - marrow bones

Standard Bone Broth Recipe:

4 lb bones
8 cups of water

Instant Pot


  1. Place ingredients in pot
  2. Seal the valve (move lever to the left)
  3. Hit "Manual"
  4. Hit "Pressure"
  5. Move arrow up to 120
  6. After it's done, let it sit an extra 30 minutes minimum before releasing the valve