If you are someone that sticks with a paleo, whole30 or generally low-carb diet, this is the best way to prepare chicken breast. I have steamed, boiled, braised, baked and grilled chicken. Nothing yields the moist tenderness that the sous vide machine does with ZERO added fat. The beauty of the sous vide is you can never overcook your meat. If you've ever eaten at Panera and wondered why their chicken is so moist, it's because they sous vide it. 

While it may seem complicated and pricey to sous vide, it's really not. I can vacuum seal a bunch of chicken breasts on Sunday and either cook them all at once or just put in one or two breasts a day. Once done, I cut on demand in little pieces and add to soups, veggie, rice, beans, sauces etc. without heating for my other meals.

For the sous vide, I have played extensively with time (more is not better) and temperature and have determined that this is the best time + temperature combo to yield a moist but not mushy chicken breast.

Chicken breast, trimmed


Sous Vide (I use the Anova)
Vacuum sealer (I use the Weston)
Vacuum sealing bags 
sheet pan
paper towels


Fill your pot or sous vide container with water. Set the power/start button. Set temperature to 150 degrees. Wash and trim the chicken breasts and place on paper towels. Pat dry. Season with whatever your choice. I usually do salt + pepper to start and then add things like (greek, italian, herb provence). 

Plus your sealer in. Place two breasts in the vacuum bag (see picture above). Place in sealer, hold it down and hit "Start" to seal. When it's done, it will release.

Once water is at 150 degrees, drop your chicken in for approximately 1 hour. Pull out of the water bath and enjoy!