Chipotle Beef "Barbacoa" style tacos - 2 Ingredients

Chipotle Beef "Barbacoa" style tacos - 2 Ingredients

I usually cook and prep on Sundays and Wednesday's. By Wednesday, I just want something easy that I can get on the table fast. There is nothing fancy about this, but I think this is a great easy hot dinner with just 2-4 ingredients. It's perfect for a "beginner" Instant Pot person or someone who had to pick up dinner last second and needs it on the table in the next hour or so.

If you're a Chipotle restaurant fan I find that this tastes VERY close to their barbacoa beef. Try it and let me know what you think!

You can also sub short ribs for Chicken breast if you want a lower fat option. I know because this is a jar, one could argue that it's not entirely paleo or whole30. I pick my battles and say that there is only some small amount of preservative to keep the salsa shelf stable. On days where i'm making this I will take that over chopping all the veggies and roasting myself.

1 jar Chipotle Salsa - I really like to use Frontera Chipotle. It does have some kick, but I would call it more medium than hot.
2 lbs boneless beef short ribs

Additional toppings/components:
Bibb lettuce
2 cups farro
Sour Cream

Instant Pot (Amazon affiliate link)

Directions for Paleo/Low carb Beef:
Place short ribs on the bottom of the pot. pour over salsa. Close the lid and seal by moving lever to the 9 o'clock. Hit "Manual" then move the arrow to 55 minutes. When it's done, let it naturally release 10 minutes. Push lever down to the 7 o'clock and open. Serve with your components of choice

Add Farro? 
Option 1:
I love farro because it never gets soggy, but picks up all the delicious juices from the meat + salsa. If you have some members who eat low-carb, but others that don't, Make the above recipe. Once it has naturally released, open and pour 2 cups of farro. Seal, hit "Manual" move the arrow down to 4. Once it dings, you can release the valve. Mix and eat. 
Option 2:
If you want the farro in from start, just add 2 cups of farro to the original option by mixing it into the salsa. Same cook time